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Taylor Deering



DJ Deering

Coach Tay is bringing the good vibes, cutest dogs and even better music.


  • CrossFit Coach since 2013
  • Lead Coach for CrossFit Gymnastics
  • Personal Trainer
  • Nutritionist


The people. Quite simply, for Taylor, its about you.

Coaching is about holding space for others. I find so much gratitude knowing I am the person people choose to spend one hour of their day with becoming a better version of themselves. The one hour people can decompress, let go of their stress and any worries they might be going through. I am the human they come to: laugh, lift, sweat and maybe have a therapy sessions with (I mean honestly, same :)) haha. All I want to do in my lifetime is help people, to any degree. I want to leave my integrity on the floor, I want to be remembered as the one who understood, who cared, who was genuine and actually gave a lick. Everyday I come in, I have an opportunity to change someone's life, truly. This is a gift and I dont take it for granted.


Taylor is from Austin Texas, a unicorn as we call them these days! She played NCAA Division 1 volleyball at Northwestern State. Graduated with a Psychology degree with a concentration in addiction studies. After graduation, she dove into some long distance running and quickly realized that it was not her jam (ironically, it is now) and she started doing CrossFit. Shortly after, she got her L1 and started Coaching…the rest is history!

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