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Sara Winchester

Sara Winchester


Olympic Lifting


The Sunshine Warrior

Sara is the eternal sunshine in our otherwise dark gym. ☀️


  • CrossFit coach since 2014
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Aerobic Capacity
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • USA Weightlifting Level 1
  • USA Weightlifting Level 2
  • 1x Regional competitor on team Jaakarhu
  • 1x Weightlifting American Open Finals competitor


Sara enjoys the day to day interactions with the people that come into the doors of CrossFit Jaakarhu. She understands that the hardest part when joining a gym, and finding a community of like minded individuals, is making that first attempt of walking inside. Her goal when coaching class is to make sure everyone is not only comfortable with the movements for the day, but also with their surroundings in the gym. She was once taught the most important lesson of coaching, which is saying hi to every athlete when they enter the gym, and learning a little bit about them as the hour goes on.


Sara is a Kansas native who has a true passion for helping and guiding others to better themselves. Growing up, Sara played every sport you could imagine, but gymnastics and basketball were the two that really stuck. After competing as a gymnast for the majority of her childhood, she was ready for change and in the 7th grade began to travel the U.S. playing in basketball tournaments on the weekends. Basketball earned Sara a scholarship to play at Pittsburg State University, where she played until her Junior year. Sara stepped down from the team during her Junior year and focused on finishing her bachelor’s degree in business management. After a few months of searching for something new, Sara sought out the nearest gym, looking to keep her active and on her feet. This is how she stumbled upon CrossFit. Sara started out as a member for a short time, then was hired as a coach, and began coaching kids fitness classes and group classes at SEK CrossFit in Kansas while finishing her degree at PSU. In June of 2015 she graduated, packed up everything she owned and moved to Daytona Beach Florida, where she found CrossFit Diehard, and continued helping others reach their health and fitness aspirations. In 2016, she moved to Austin, and began coaching at CrossFit Jaakarhu in 2017.

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